A downloadable game for Windows

Don't touch the black, go through the white, sounds easy? Download and play for yourself.

Navigate through a 2d maze using your keyboard or gamepad and try to touch the "win block". Use your left click to invert the black and white colours. Collect keys, teleport, everything is there!

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0.2.1 (small patch)


  • fixed crash when completing third pack (c3L10)
  • fixed bug with pause menu appearing in large rooms
  • fixed screen tearing


  • added extra slow speed option (shift + space) move at one twentieth of your normal speed
  • added old menu button, relive the non-existent moments of 0.1 :P
  • added a win page upon completing c3L10


  • tweaked colour of teleportation blocks, each colour corresponds to a different teleporter
  • tweaked c1L3, removed straight fly
  • tweaked c3L10, removed the need to move outside the room to touch obj_win
  • tweaked startup, game will run in fullscreen by default, resizing the screen is still possible

Known bugs

  • bug in obj_clickplayer, slow speed doesn't apply
  • bug in large rooms and pause overlay, obj_overlay, obj_resume and obj_menu don't show correctly
0.2.0 (large update)
  • made game

Install instructions

Run the installer, follow the on-screen instructions. Don't run the game through the itch client


Inversion.exe 14 MB

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